This involves the analysis of your music and image to develop of your voice as an artist. Today, a lack of artist development has resulted in mediocre songwriting, poor musicianship and production, and inconsistent music styles. In the 60s and 70s, artists were given time to experiment and find their voices, while presently, new artists must already have defined voices or a definable “sound” to be successful in the industry. Mdr has a unique advantage, having experience in both muscianship and engineering. These skills allow us to assist you in translating your music to the recorded medium. Mdr’s aim is to help you realize and refine your own creative vision to execute it in such a way that will make you more attractive in both artistic and commercial relms.


Preproduction involves discussion of conceptual and practical techniques to be employed while making the recording. We will analyze your songs based on elements of composition to optimize their recordability. By working on this together, we can make the most of our studio time. Tell us what you want and mdr will make it happen. If you don’t know what you want, mdr will help you make those decisions.


This is a type of remixing intended for those who have made recordings but aren’t satified with the finishd product. Fixing a mix can dramatically improve the quality of a recording. If you have the original session files to your recording and want more out of them, mdr can signifantly improve your lackluster recordings.


This is, very literally, the process of recording your music. The engineering methodology employed during the recording process is crucial to how your music will sound once the song is completed. By becoming familiar with your music before we step into the studio, mdr ensures your music is well represented. With mdr’s expertise in many genres and artists, we have the skills to capture your music creatively and appropriately.


This is one of the most crucial stages of the production process. Mdr offers quality mastering at an affordable price. Should you wish to have the project mastered elsewhere, mdr will help you find the right mastering house for your recording and facilitate the process, ensuring this final, delicate stage makes your album shine.


When producing, inthemix operates on a macro level, helping an act carry out their vision when making a record. We can take an act the next level of commercial success and artistic development. Inthemix produces many genres of music, from solo artists to full band projects.


We are now offering classes to share everything we have learned over the years. Here is what we think are the most important things to get up to speed on if you are a DIY artist/band, or an aspiring audio professional.